Oculus Rift one trigger working


Hi, first great job to the team! I like discovering VR Sketch! I tried it with the Vive and everything goes perfectly. I also tried it with the Oculus Rift but I only have one trigger working which really slow down the workflow! Do you know how to fix this issue? Thanks


Hi! Do you have a broken controller? Or does the non-working trigger actually work in other applications?


Trigger seems not to be broken as I have the same (only one trigger), with other triggers on another computer…


I have no idea. I can try to reproduce; can you give me as many details as possible? E.g. which exact version of VR Sketch you are using, and which kind of Oculus Rift (either the old kind with the controller’s ring going down around the hand, or the new “Oculus Rift S” kind with the controller’s ring going upwards above the hand).


Sorry for the inconvenience but it was me not settuping correctly the trigger. All is working perfectly now.