Oculus Rift S support


Hi everybody,

Oculus released the new “Rift S” headset, which is similar to the Rift but with inside-out tracking. From the point of view of VR Sketch, the main difference is in the controllers’ shape. The new shape should show up automatically in VR Sketch (even with old versions), but there is no clean way to add icons and colors on individual buttons. We did it with a hack, and we must port this hack to the new shape.

We have tentatively added support for coloring the buttons of the new controllers. Now it would be helpful if we could test it—we don’t have the hardware, and it seems like a lot of money to spend for a 5-minutes final check. If someone has got the new Rift S available, could we send him a beta version to check? :slight_smile:

Armin Rigo