Pico 4 Open XR support

Hi, I think you should add OpenXR support which would allow your app to work on not only Quest 2 , but also Pico and other upcoming android based XR2 headsets like the upcoming Pimax Crystal, and whatever HTC is announcing next month.

Hi Trevor,

We are adding not OpenXR but OpenVR support in order to work with the Pico 3 tethered. It will be included in the next release and it should give some support for some future headsets too (partial, until we can try them ourselves and fix the controllers).

We are not adding OpenXR because of a purely technical blocker issue: there is no way to know, in an OpenXR application, what kind of controllers the user really uses. Unless someone finally manages to convince the Kronos group that yes, there are some VR applications that would really need this information, then we cannot do better than ask the user to perform an extra configuration step, and we want to avoid that as long as possible.

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