Prevent walk through walls

Hey, just curious if there’s any way while using vrsketch in conjunction with SketchUp on an Oculus to prevent the ability to walk through wall (faces). In SketchUp itself this is generally native with the “walk” feature but so far I haven’t found it in vrsketch.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.



Even if we added support for the thumbstick-based “walking” motion to detect walls, it would not really prevent someone from going through wall, simply by taking one physical step forward. But maybe it is still useful to prevent accidentally going through a wall? We did not consider it at all so far, but we can.

Armin Rigo

Hey Armin,

It would be incredibly useful in my use case atleast. We do VR walkthroughs on homes but we do it generally while sitting so there is no physical walk that would push you through the face once you made contact. If I can be of help in any way in the thought process or development I’d love to.


OK, it’s easy enough to try out. We already do some collision detection to detect when we move along a ramp or stairs, to move you up or down. We can add collision detection for walls and other obstacles and stop the movement completely, and then maybe put an option to turn it off again (is that really necessary?).

Wonderful. For my use case atleast I wouldn’t have the need to be able to turn it off though i’m sure it could help universalize the version if it were just an option in the settings menu or something. If you can make this happen I’d be a happy man :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your work

Done, seems to be a nice addition. Do you want to test it? If so, please tell me if you want a beta version for the standalone Oculus or for tethered PC VR.

I noticed that with the new version of VR Sketch wall detection prevent me from walking through walls. For some user it might be useful but for others not… And this is my case. When I am testing my design I want to be able to move around “quickly” and not lose time trying to overcome the obstacles…
Is there a way to disable wall detection but keeping “step detection” to clim stairs…?

Yes, it has been requested already, and it’s implemented internally. You can try it in the in-development version which I just made (for other reasons) for PC, at . It’s a new option in the “Options” page of the settings dialog box.

Hello! I just got back into a VR model for the first time in a couple months. In our model, I need to be able to walk through walls/closed doors. Is there an option to enable/disable walking through walls? I haven’t found that option in the app in the headset. Note: I am opening models from VR Cloud

Hi treyguinn! Yes, we added collision detection on walk in VR Sketch 17.0.9 and we got requests already for disabling it. It will be part of the next release. (You can revert to VR Sketch 17.0.8 in the meantime…)

Also note the common workarounds: you can put your hand through the wall, aim for the ground, and teleport; or you can use the grip button (on the side of the controller) to drag the model through you. Both options work just to pass through a wall.