Problems viewing point clouds in VR

I’ve tried repeatedly to view my point clouds in VR to no avail. I downloaded the potree desktop application to make sure my point clouds were converted to cloud.js correctly and it seems they are but every time I click “extensions -> VR Sketch -> View a point cloud” absolutely nothing happens. :frowning:

Can somebody please help me out? I really need this to work.

I’m using an Oculus Rift by the way and everything else works exactly as it should.

Hi! Are you using Potree Converter release 1.6? Someone else just told us that VR Sketch doesn’t seem to work with more recent versions of Potree Converter. This is the release 1.6 that we tested VR Sketch with:
(It’s not a desktop application, it’s a command-line tool; see instructions from

Hi Arigo,

I did use Potree Converter 1.6. I double checked it and the conversion went well but when I send an empty model to vr and try to view a point cloud nothing happens. I can’t see the point cloud in the sketch up window and also not with my oculus on.

Just to be clear, I used Potree converter 1.6 and the command lines in CMD to convert and Potree desktop to see if it converted correctly.

That sounds right. As I guess, maybe there is something wrong with the particular point cloud you’re using. Is it possible for you to send it to me, either as a .las/.laz file or directly as a zipped folder with “cloud.js” and all the subfolders? My address is; if necessary, I can guarantee that I won’t make any other use of this point cloud and delete it afterwards.

For reference: we found out that the problem was the same as Problem loading point clouds. On PC, you need to set the point size to zero, otherwise the point cloud is not visible. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next release (or in the development version at the end of that other thread).

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