Quest 3 augmented reality?

I have a Quest 2 now that I use with VR Sketch. I’d like to know if I were to upgrade to Quest 3, could I place my model of a house we plan to build at 1:1 scale on site (vacant block) so I can then see what the actual view will be through the windows etc using the colour pass through AR mode?

I think so, yes. There are many potential issues, like (obviously) you cannot get the view from a height different than the current ground. You could try with the Quest 2 first, to check that it’s what you want. The Quest 3 is quite similar to the Quest 2, but with better passthrough image quality.

Oh, cool. I didn’t realise there was already an option to view the model in VR sketch at 1:1 scale but with passthrough. Is that just a setting from the main VR sketch menu somewhere?

I was planning to stand on a ladder to check the view from the intended floor level :grin:

Yes, it’s in the settings dialog box. You can pick the passthrough mode to use. The real-life image is always added behind the virtual model, so it should give you the right effect to see the real view from the virtual window.

Also, there are ways to turn off the boundary completely in the Quest, which should help with this kind of environment where you want to move more than 5-10 meters.

Also, be careful when standing 3m above ground on a ladder with a headset on and looking around—particularly if that also involves having a controller in one hand, but I hope it should not be necessary :slight_smile: You should be able to move the virtual house around until it is correctly positioned while you stand on the ground, and then you no longer need controllers.

Thanks! Yep. I’ll position it first. And have someone hold the ladder of course :grin:

Just posted a video on this thread demonstrating the augmented reality. :wink: