Quest 3 recommended settings? (Can't seem to enable passthrough with PCVR)

I just bought Quest 3 to use with VR Sketch. I’ve been able to connect either (official) cable link (Send the model to VR on this PC) or quest button (Send the model to VR on Oculus Quest) and both work fine. However I got the impression that quest using powerful PC is much faster for large models, the image also seemed crisper with less lag. Unfortunately “pass through” was greyed out in the options. I’m not sure if this is normal? What setup do you recommend when working with/editing complex models?

Hi Andrian,

Passthrough over Oculus Link is a half-supported feature of Meta. The documentation says it is supposed to be developer-only. There are some checkboxes to check (which we could point to from our documentation and/or from dialog boxes inside VR Sketch directly) but so far we tried and failed to get it working at all even with the checkboxes checked. Meta is also going through the motion of “concern about privacy” because the passthrough image is, apparently, sent and composited on the PC, so in theory someone could write a driver and grab these images. I have no clue why it is done this way instead of the PC sending a video with an alpha or mask component, with compositing occurring on the Quest directly.

Sorry about that. Yes, I see your point that you loose the performance of PC VR if you want to enable passthrough, but there is not much we can do about it except send an e-mail to Meta complaining about it (that will never be read anyway). Maybe it will be properly supported at some point in the future. Or maybe the upcoming Apple headset will force a more in-depth change in the market of VR headsets.

A bientôt,

Armin Rigo

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Hi again,

We tried again after updating the internal Oculus software included with VR Sketch, and it seems to work now. So the next release of VR Sketch will likely include passthrough over Oculus Link! Thank you for making me look again.


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Thank you!! excited to try!

New version 19.0.0 released. As far as I can tell, passthrough should now work over Oculus Link!