Quest 3 running slower

Anyone else have files running slower on Quest 3 vs Quest 2?
When I open the same file on both with the same settings the Quest 3 struggles. The frames/sec on the Quest 3 drop to in the 20s where on the Quest 2 in the 40s fps.
If turn off shadows and light quality in the render settings jumps up to the 30s fps in quest 3.

It is a somewhat large file so don’t expect great performance on either but was surprised to see the Quest 2 running better than the 3. Tested in a few other files and saw similar results proportionally with the frame rate worse on the Quest 3.

Hi Tony,

We definitely want VR Sketch to work nicely with Quest 3. We hoped that our Quest 2 code would just work as well on Quest 3. The Quest 3 has got ~25% more pixels than the Quest 2, but you are getting even worse slow-downs (and it is supposed to have a faster GPU to compensate), so something else is happening. We will order a Quest 3 and look at that as soon as possible.

Armin Rigo

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Found and fixed the issue! Now Quest 3 is at least 50% faster than the Quest 2 on the same models (its GPU is a lot faster).

Thanks a lot for pointing out the problem in the first place!

We plan to be making the next release very soon, which will include this fix.

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Thats amazing and quick turnaround!

New version released. See VR Sketch 19.0 and the Quest App Lab page!

The update made a huge improvement, it’s running great. That same large file and settings went from 20 fps to now over 70 fps.

Great to hear! Thank you very much for reporting the problem in the first place. If you hadn’t, it may have taken longer for us to test with a Quest 3 and notice that something needs fixing.