Set the initial point of the viewer

Hi! i wonder if there is some mode to open a file and set the viewer to begin the “virtual tour” on a determinated place of the model. In other words, is there a way to avoid the part of having the model in the warehouse and then jump into it? For example if its a closed model, lets say a box for example, and i want to get in but it has no doors.

Hi! It is actually possible, but there is no UI so far. You need to set a Sketchup attribute on the model. This can be done e.g. with the Sketchup extension “Attribute editor” by Eneroth. In this extension’s menu, pick “Current model”; then add a dictionary called “Baroque_VRSketch_scene”; add a value called “initial_scale”, set it to 1 (to get a 1-for-1 scale initially); then add another value called “initial_position”, choose “Point/Vector from model”, click inside the model on the floor where you want the initial position to be, and choose “No” to the “Convert to array?” question. This model will open at that point. It should also work if the model is then uploaded as a cloud model and opened from there.

We’re thinking about adding a UI to do the same thing.

Worked amazingly, though i think i made something wrong, because it positioned me in the “origin” of axis, (0,0,0), what am i doing wrong?

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Oops, looks like there is a small mistake in the code setting up the initial position. It expects a vector, and not a point. You need to re-open the “initial_position” value, and change manually the text “” into “”. That’s a bug, but not too deep.

(Or equivalently, click the “Point/Vector” button but then draw a vector starting at the origin 0,0,0 and going up to the point you want)

Sorry for the delay in my answer! So far its working, i still dont know yet how to rotate the initial point but i solved it just rotating the model, thanks!

Good to hear! There is no support for rotating the initial point; I’ll keep that in mind if and when we implement a regular user interface to do that.

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