Sketchup crashing on 3d model download in vr sketch

What the title says …

running osx Ventura
latest version of sketchup (22.0.353)
latest version of vr sketch (17.0.8)

when I try to insert a model from the 3d warehouse in VR, the sketchup app on osx crashes (spinning ball), have to force quit the app.

Any idea ?

Can you link to the exact model that causes the issue?


Indeed, we also noticed this problem recently. It seems to be caused by a change in the 3D warehouse itself: we can no longer download models anonymously. But the following workaround seems to work for now: before downloading models from VR Sketch, take off your VR headset, and in the Sketchup menu, pick Window, 3D Warehouse, and sign in. You can then close the 3D Warehouse window.

We’re looking into it, thanks for the report.

Armin Rigo


I tried the workaround but still doesn’t work for me, also tried the latest version (17.0.9)
as soon as I try to load a model using the VR headset, sketch crashes …

OK. We need to check if the problem is in Sketchup instead of VR Sketch. Could you please insert any public model from the 3D warehouse into your model (“Download”, “Load directly into your model”)? And then immediately afterwards, open the Ruby console (Extension -> Developer -> Ruby Console), and copy-paste this text at the bottom, all in one line:


This should insert a model that contains the cardboard woman and some off-center simple floor+wall plan of a house. Does this work for you?