Smaller increments for turning (thumbstick)?

My right thumbstick turns the model (or view) in 90° increments.
Is there a setting for that? I’d much prefer 45° at most.

Also, the behavior is inverted from the normal standard in other apps (including WMR home, Steam home, etc), i.e. the direction in which I push should be where my view is shifting to. So, if I push the stick to the right, the surrounding geometry should shift to the left, and vice-versa.

Hi Max,

Somebody else requested this feature, so it seems that the default turning of 90° is not so good. I’ve made it 30° by default, and configurable.

(Now it also includes “smooth turning”—an option I highly discourage, because it makes many people sick, but apparently a subset of people really insist on having this option.)

A subset of people have stomachs of steel.