Strange lag in VR Sketch

Since updating my NVIDIA driver last week (not sure if related to this at all) I get some strange behaviour with VR Sketch. (Updating to today’s latest driver didn’t help).

Basically, about once every 1 or 2 minutes, my controllers do a little “dance” as shown about 3 seconds into the video below. I don’t have any other problems, e.g. in SketchUp that I have noticed. Any idea what could cause this?

Unsure if the error messages are related. Console.log file here if needed:
Version: 17.0.8

EDIT: It didn’t occur to me that it could be a general Oculus Rift S issue and not VR Sketch. I just tried and seem to have the same issue in the “Oculus Home”

Hi Adrian,

Sorry to hear that. There might be a way to downgrade the NVIDIA driver again, at least until they fix this issue? We can’t do anything from inside VR Sketch about that…

Armin Rigo