Suggested option: "No tilt" (while using freehand tool)

Right now when moving groups/components we have two options: no rotation (normal move) and full rotation (freehand tool).
Having the option of moving while rotating the object, but without tiling it would be very useful. In other worlds, I can move and rotate the object around freely, but the blue axis remains straight, and as a result the object remains parallell to the ground.

(Alternatively, there could be an option to snap when the blue axis is straight. This solution isn’t quite as good as it takes some time to find the right position for snap and it is easy to “let go” at the wrong moment.)

A few example of uses:

  • I am a city planner and I want to move and rotate buildings around, but I want them to remain straight, not tilted (Gravity doesn’t help as the ground is seldom entirely flat, and I often want to “submerge” the building partially underground to alter the height quickly)
  • I need to design a wheelchair-friendly ramp/stair/construction. I’ve created some ramps tilted 3,4 degrees steep and I want them to remain 3,4 degrees steep this while I move and rotate the ramps around.
  • I’m placing lamp posts, benches, trees and other furniture around and I want it to be straight (while placing and rotating quickly/easily).

Quick photoshop to explain better:

Done! Thanks. It seems best indeed to have a simple option “keep vertical axis” that makes sure rotation is limited to the horizontal plane.

Fantastic! I am extremely excited for the next (beta) release.