Too many devices message in Quest 2 headsets

We have four licenses and we are still getting the pop-ups about too many devices in use, when running VR SKetch on Quest 2 and Pro VR headsets.
Is there a limit to how many headsets can run the VR Sketch App simultaneously?
We have rebooted the headsets a few times, and re-freshed the license on the VR Sketch plugin in Sketchup on our PC.


But we don’t limit the number of headsets in use in any way! We are happy to let you use as many as you want. We have no licensing code running on the Quest headsets; anyone should be free to grab and use a copy of VR Sketch on their Quests. We only ask that you purchase a license for using the VR Sketch extension inside Sketchup on PC/Mac—several ones if you use it from several PCs/Macs simultaneously.

Any message you get inside the Quest headsets comes from somewhere else. We know about something related but I thought this problem was solved. Can you tell us (ideally with a screenshot) the exact message that you get?

Sorry about that issue.

Hi Arigo, See attached images. When the message appears, We choose Dismiss, and go to the VR Sketch icon and choose Resume, to continue working or presenting… It appears many times, approx 1 minute apart, so it is very disruptive when presenting. Let me know if you need any further information.
This occurs in Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. One Pro is linked to PC while the others/pro and quest 2 are using wifi/cloud collaboration. The message only shows when VR Sketch is active and curiously as we are leaving the app. Thanks. Stephen

It is definitely another instance of a known bug from Oculus (reported since 2022…). See We can’t really debug that unless it also occurs for us, and this is a long thread and I don’t even know if it’s exactly the same old problem or a new one, but in summary: this message is incorrectly displayed by the Quest’s own software in some situations that we can’t really control from VR Sketch. It seems to occur if you have “App Sharing” enabled in your Quests. Maybe you can try disabling it, and then installing VR Sketch in multiple accounts instead of accessing it via App Sharing?

Can you tell us if it helps (or if you find another workaround)? We could mention it on our website for others.

Thanks for your feedback.
We did try disabling App sharing on the other headsets, except one, but it did not prevent the pop up message.
Did you mean multiple meta quest accounts? That will be a fun management exercise.

I will review the link you provided and see what the solutions are.


I’m not exactly sure, but so far I believe that this problem only shows up if you are using more than one meta quest account on the same headset. If all the headsets have exactly one meta quest account each, then the problem doesn’t show up. Now all the headsets can use the same meta quest account, or different ones, as you like. I’m not sure what your setup is, because you still said “except one”. Note that “app sharing” is a specific Meta thing (it doesn’t mean “I want to use my app from several headsets”) and it is unrelated to anything you want to use VR Sketch for. You should try to not use it at all, not even once.