Users using the same account question

Hi! i was wondering if there is a limit on the amount of Oculus Quest devices associated with one account, or maybe should i say users, because i have one device, with 2 different users on it, in summary,if i want to use VR Sketch on one user i have to associate it to this licence, but even in the same device, if i change of user, i have to make the same procedure. Now if i go to the cloud page on my pc i can see 2 meta quest connected (though its only one device but anyway) so i was wondering, if i but the meta quest 3, so i would have 2 devices, with two users on each one, can i use VR sketch in all of them? specially the clould visualization feature

Our software costs nothing on Quest devices. You can install it on any number of Quest devices, linked to your account or not, for people inside or outside your home or organization. One license is needed for installing and running VR Sketch inside Sketchup on one PC/Mac concurrently. A single license is thus enough to use the collaborative editing mode or to distribute cloud models that are viewed on standalone Quest devices.

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thats great ! Thank you so much!