Virtual Desktop Integration Help / Request?
Pico 4

Hi All

I was wondering if there was a way to use VRsketch (VRS) in cooperation with Virtual Desktop (VD). The goal is to get a better picture and faster frames per second on a laptop.

I have tried to use VRS while VD is open and I can see that VRS has much better frames per second and picture clarity while in VD is in the background.
HoweverVRS only loads into the warehouse, but can’t operate, VRsketch can’t use or register the controllers.

I have tried adding the VRS to steam apps, but this also had no effect.
Does anyone have any solutions for this or is it possible for the VRsketch developers to enable this integration in a future update?

Thanks all.


Sorry, not really sure I understand what you are trying to say. If you say that VR Sketch displays with a much higher frame rate and quality just by having another program opened in the background, then let me answer “what? I doubt it a lot.” I guess I didn’t understand you correctly. Sorry about that! Maybe you mean that you’re using VD to show a flat image of VR Sketch? But what is the point?

(If this is just some sort of bogus advertisement for VD, please go do that elsewhere.)

Or maybe you are trying to run VD from Steam on a Pico 4 headset; according to the docs I just found, this doesn’t work, you need to buy VD from the Pico store instead.

Ah, sorry, I may have indeed misunderstood you. Are you are trying to compare VD with other solutions in order to stream a VR environment from your PC to your standalone Pico 4 headset? And you’re having issues with the VD+VR Sketch combination? If so, then sorry, you should look for help in the VD forums. VR Sketch is just a regular SteamVR-based program, it works well enough as far as we can tell (e.g. it works fine with the Pico 3 standard “VIVE Business Streaming” program, which is streaming SteamVR to a Pico 3 headset). However, you are on your own for anything involving 3rd-party streaming programs and headsets that we explicitly don’t support.

Hi Arigio

Thanks for getting back to me. No, I am not a Virtual Desktop (VD) rep.
I have purchased the VD app from the Pico store and have it installed on the Pico 4 headset.
I’m not sure how the VD coding works, but it is common practice that people use VD app to get better quality PC VR Streaming experiences above the native streaming software of the Oculus and now the Pico 4.

Rather than have the native software of your device do the VR PC Streaming, we can enable the software to open the specified app.

I am not a developer and it is hard for me to explain what the VD app does (I have no idea how it works) and how it works. I hope you do not mind me placing this link as others on youtube are better to explain than I am. I am happy to private message you if links are not permitted.

Please see the comparison image quality here when PC VR Image Streaming via Wifi or Cable

The goal of my question is to be able to open the VRSketch application via VD to gain the improved performance in the same way that gamers use it to improve upon the Oculus and Pico native streaming apps. Hope I did not offend you, as it was not my intention and it would be great to use your app with the VD app as I can clearly see when I open the warehouse to start VRSketch, the image is very different on my setup.

However once again, the two apps don’t seem to be compatible and this is the issue I was inquiring about. Maybe there is a workaround or maybe I am just doing it all wrong.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

OK, thanks for the clarifications! From our side, we don’t have plans to look at Virtual Desktop and investigate why it doesn’t work. But maybe someone else on this forum has got some hints for you.

If you want to launch the app directly through VD this might help. Idk if the quality will be better by launching this way but it sounds like that’s what you asked for.