Vive Focus 3 support (alpha)

Hi all,

We tried and were happy with the Vive Focus 3 headset. It seems to display an image that is very stable, under varying light conditions. Neither the VR image itself nor the models of the controllers seem to drift or have lag. This is a lot better than the older Focus headsets that we tested previously.

Here is an “alpha” version of VR Sketch for this headset: . Like a Quest, you run it by installing the APK on the headset, and then in Sketchup you pick “Send to VR on Oculus Quest” and enter the 6-digit identity number shown in the headset (the first digit at the top of the initial dialog box when you start the VR Sketch app). You can also view our demo models, or pair the headset with your account to view your own uploaded models, or join an existing “multiplayer” session with other headsets (not necessarily all of the same kind).

There are still things to test and fix, most importantly related to the controllers (precise position of tools, the occasional color effect on the buttons, etc.)

But most importantly: if you happen to have a Vive Focus 3 and be interested in it, please test it and report if the controller buttons work smoothly. We are testing with a pre-production version of the controllers, and the buttons (notably the A or X buttons) don’t register that we clicked on them at least 50% of the time. This makes it hard and frustrating to use the toolbox. But the problem appears to be in our pre-production hardware; we are told that the final commercial controllers don’t suffer from this problem at all. We would be very interested in learning if they actually work well!

Thank you!

Armin Rigo

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