VR in different styles?

Is it normal that I dont see different styles in VR? For instance the ‘watercolor on paper’ style in my model does not show in VR

Yes, styles are ignored by VR Sketch as a whole.

SketchUp styles do change some of the settings that are copied to VR, like whether the edges are visible or not. But not all the settings from styles can be directly copied into VR. For example, a background image that fits the screen can’t directly be used as an all-direction skybox. And I’m not too sure about the various styles in which to draw edges—does it work well in VR too? Keep in mind that we need to make the edges something that really exists in 3D, not just on a 2D screen, or else we would be running into issues like it’s drawn correctly for each eye independently but seeing it with two eyes doesn’t give the correct depth impression…

In summary, each of the many settings from styles needs to be thought about on its own. So far we only did the most basic ones. We could support a few more, like the edge color, the faces that are see-through, a uniformly-colored background. The rest is likely to be either a lot more work or just not workable at all for VR.

Also note that many of the advanced styles are there to change the way it looks specifically on screen. Try to look at one of these styles (say “Pencil Sketch with Darker Traced lines” from “Style Builder Competition Winners”). Notice how some edges abruptly change when you rotate the camera around. This is typically something that cannot be done in VR: each eye would see a different drawing because the angle of view is slightly different (urgh); and moreover you’re constantly wobbling a bit, unlike on screen which doesn’t rotate at all once you release the middle mouse button—so these details would constantly change and what you see isn’t stable (urgh).