VR Sketch 10.2 BETA

Beta release of VR Sketch, tentatively called 10.2.0. Download it here. (Follow these instructions after you downloaded with the previous link)

  • OS X support is in progress! Installing this beta version on a Mac should now work, giving you (only) the “Upload to cloud” command and the “License” command (you need a license to use our cloud service). On a Mac running SketchUp 2017 to 2020, it should let you upload your model to the cloud. Afterwards, you can use an Oculus Quest headset to view it. This is only a first step; we are working on full editing support on Mac (still via Oculus Quest).

The rest of the beta is a snapshot during development. It contains some other features that are not yet in the official release, which you might be interested in as well. Notably:

  • Point cloud support.

  • Some important fixes to snapping rules, which should work better now (more stable, less surprising snappings; snapping to face-face or face-line intersections, like in SketchUp; and various more fixes in this part of the code).

  • “Cut” and “Paste in place” commands let you move the selection between groups.

  • Animated components can be manually dragged with the teleport tool, not just clicked on.

  • Shooting videos: the camera position was frozen in some cases, instead of following the controller or the headset that it was supposed to follow.

  • Many smaller fixes.

Enjoy, and please report any problem, particularly on the new OS X upload-to-cloud support.

Thank you for adding cut and paste-in-place! Very handy!