VR Sketch 10.3 BETA (MAC ONLY)

Hi all,

Here is the next beta release for Mac and Oculus Quest only: download it here. Install the extension on your Mac as per these instructions. Make sure you also have a recent version of VR Sketch installed on your Oculus Quest; you can get it here.

This beta version doesn’t contain support for tethered headsets. It is a snapshot of development to connect to the Oculus Quest only, which should now work on Mac (as well as on PC, but there isn’t much news here).

The main news is full support for editing. It is recommended to use SketchUp version 2020 on Mac; one potentially crucial piece of functionality for editing is the ability to open groups and components, and this does not work in older SketchUp versions.

If you tried to use the previous beta on Mac to upload models to clouds from SketchUp >= 2018, you may have noticed that all the texture colors were strange. Thanks for the person that reported it back, this is now fixed in the new beta. (SketchUp reports the color channels in a different order on Mac than on Windows: RGB on Mac, BGR on Windows.)

Known issues:

  • saving photos from VR doesn’t work yet

  • missing: the list of standard materials from SketchUp

  • as said above, opening a group or component requires SketchUp 2020.

Have fun, and please report other issues!