VR Sketch 12.0

VR Sketch 12.0 has been released.

What’s new:

  • You can use one of your own models as a custom warehouse, replacing the default warehouse. See the Settings dialog, Rendering page. Note that custom warehouses work like the default warehouse: they are visible at the start, but disappear when we teleport into the actual model we’re editing.

  • Dialog boxes and menus now have hints that explain them in more details. Be sure to look at it if there was an option or menu entry whose purpose was not clear!

  • The SketchUp “Text” objects can now be created and edited in VR Sketch. In addition to typing text, you can also record your voice, and play it back later from SketchUp. This should give you a quick alternative to writing notes. (The voice is recorded and saved as extra attributes inside the “Text” objects. In SketchUp, right-click on it and pick “Play” to hear it.)

  • Instead of teleporting, you can optionally choose a walking mode at various speeds. See the context menu of the teleport tool (pick the teleport tool and press the “menu” button). This was a regularly requested feature, but only recently did we find out how to do it naturally. Instead of a continuous movement, it is a series of small, instantaneous teleports that correspond to “steps”. This gives a feeling similar to real-life steps. This is a lot more natural than continuous movement, which feels more like flying and induces motion sickness in the majority of users.

  • Windows 10 voice recognition: more spoken variants are understood, including some colloquial ways to say feet/inches distances. For more details, see the Settings dialog, Microphone page.

  • Tweaks for the Quest: you can now pick textures and skyboxes from images on the PC/Mac; and the initial loading of the model makes use of caching, so that re-loading models the next time is much faster.

  • You can now access your own non-public 3D warehouse models from VR, as long as you are logged in SketchUp.

  • There is an experimental option to have two-handed grip buttons do either scaling or rotating, instead of both. In the rotating mode, it tries to avoid changing the vertical position, so that if you were exactly on the ground before, you still are afterwards. (Settings, Options)

  • Skybox image: added an alternative built-in image, which is a cloudless sky where the sun position and overall sky brightness follow the actual light direction that you configure. (Settings, Rendering, Skybox image…)


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