VR Sketch 17.0.8

Hi all,

Here is the next minor release 17.0.8 for PC VR, for Quest, and for PicoNeo3. We also have some good performance improvements in the works, but they are not yet ready. As usual, the downloads are here.

This release contains the following:

  • the Selection tool’s context menu (B button) now has an “Entity Info” entry.
    The idea is to add some content similar to “Entity Info” in Sketchup. But
    for now, the info given there is read-only and only really interesting for
    components with additional data: it displays the “Component Options” content
    shown in Sketchup. If your model uses IFC 2x3 attributes - which come e.g.
    from exporting from another program into Sketchup - then you can view them
    here too. (This is a first version. We may tweak or change how it works
    so that you get better info; e.g. right now you have to open components in
    order to view the info of sub-components, which is a slow operation in
    both Sketchup and VR Sketch.)

  • the dialog box to enter the distance did not work correctly if you are
    following the “press-drag-and-release” mode of interaction,
    e.g. when drawing lines or moving objects. It worked only in the
    “press-release-then-move-then-click-again” mode. (These two modes
    are the same as Sketchup’s two ways of using the mouse when
    dragging objects.) This is fixed now.

  • potential fix for a what appears to be a bug in the networking logic that we
    rely on: it might have led to unexpected disconnections, notably in
    collaborative editing mode.

  • various minor fixes.


Armin Rigo & the team

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