VR Sketch 8.0.0 is out!

Hello everyone!

We have released VR Sketch 8.0.0. Main new features:

  • improve snapping generally for all tools
  • free-hand movement (and copying) is now a separate tool
  • rotated rectangle tool
  • rotated box tool
  • “hide” is now a command in the menu, not a separate mode of the eraser
  • try to reduce accidental double-clicks
  • and various bugfixes

Try it out by installing the latest version from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse!

Armin Rigo

Clicking “Extensions > VR Sketch > Whats New” goes to whats new for version 5.0 https://vrsketch.eu/docs-whatsnew.html

Speech recognition does not seem to be working. That might just be because my mic sources got messed up. That happens it other VR apps. Could we get a meter somewhere in the settings that shows mic volume to help verify that my sound is reaching the program?
Also when tracking is lost the controller model sometimes disappears but the tooltips are still visible at the origin.

By improve snapping do you mean you changed the default snapping sensitivity or something more complex?
Rotated box tool was very fun to use though I have no idea what I will use it for.