VR Sketch 9.0.0 released

VR Sketch 9.0.0 has been released. For now it is only available from here, because we cannot upload it to the Extension Warehouse page at the moment:


This is a signed file. Download it, go to Window -> Extension Manager, uninstall the previous version, install the new freshly-downloaded one, and restart SketchUp.

This version contains its share of small fixes and improvements, but the main new thing is that it supports more hardware. It works and was tested with the following:

  • Oculus Link (an Oculus Quest plugged into the PC with a high-quality USB 3 cable; this version does not support standalone Quests)

  • the Valve Index headset

  • the Knuckles controllers (independently of which headset you are using)

  • the Logitech VR Ink (currently in development)

We also likely improved support for the following, but didn’t test the results ourselves:

  • the Oculus Rift S

  • any other less common controllers, which should fall back to a default but working 3D image.

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