VR Sketch 9.1.0 (PC + Quest)

Hi all,

We’re issuing a minor update, VR Sketch 9.1.0, for both the PC version and the Quest version: https://vrsketch.eu/downloads.html

As you may have noticed, the SketchUp extension warehouse has been reworked. As a likely result of these changes, we are hitting unspecified problems when we try to upload updates of VR Sketch. It may still take some time before that issue is resolved. In the meantime, you should use the link above.

Main change from 9.0.0: the teleport can now be used to trigger animations from the SketchUp model. The “animate” tool still exists, though, and is needed for more precise control and editing of the animations.

Since 8.0.0, the PC version has grown support for various hardware: (in 9.0.0) Oculus Link, the Valve Index headset, the Knuckles controllers, the Logitech VR Ink; Oculus Rift S should have improved; and (in 9.1.0) the Windows Mixed Reality controllers have been fixed.

The new version of the Oculus Quest viewer uses better rendering of textures than in the previous 9.0.1 version. It also scales huge textures down to 1024x1024; this caused out-of-memory situations that resulted in black screens.

Armin Rigo

A bug-fix version 9.1.1 was released on https://vrsketch.eu/downloads.html .

Often, when you click “Send to VR”, it opened the VR Sketch window but without sending the model. To really send the model, you had to click “Send to VR” another time (without closing the VR window). This is fixed in 9.1.1. Sorry!