VR Sketch 9.2.0

VR Sketch 9.2.0 was released earlier this month (also called 9.1.2). It contains small fixes only and was not explicitly mentioned here.

Notably, it fixes the timeout that occurs after 100 seconds when trying to upload a cloud model from SketchUp, “Extensions, VR Sketch, Upload to cloud”. HOWEVER, we just found out that due to a SketchUp bug, it’s possible that if you upgrade from an older version to version 9.2.0, there is one small .dll file that won’t be updated, so that you won’t get the fix for the 100 seconds timeout. We will work around this SketchUp issue in the future. What you need to do right now if you’re hitting the 100 seconds issue:

  • quit and restart sketchup (1st time)
  • immediately go to “Window”, “Extension Manager”, and uninstall VR Sketch
  • quit and restart sketchup (2nd time)
  • then install the latest version again.

To be sure, I’d recommend to go to https://vrsketch.eu/downloads.html, click on “VR Sketch for PC 9.2”, download the .rbz file, and go to sketchup’s “Window”, “Extension Manager”, “Install Extension”, and pick the downloaded .rbz file. But it would probably work if you reinstall from scratch via the “Extension Warehouse” in sketchup too.

HI everyone I installed this version (9.2.0) But I don´t know why, just is impossible to send the sketchup model to plugin, because an error “The internal version ‘80000’ of the SketchUp extension does not match the version ‘90200’ of the Unity program”
I try to uninstall and to put other version but the plugins just recognize this new. What I need to do? Can you help me?



Hi Day,

Try to restart SketchUp. If it still doesn’t help, uninstall VR Sketch (Window -> Extension Manager), then restart SketchUp, and only then install VR Sketch again. Sorry for the troubles.

Thanks Arigo, great tip! I did your recommendations, God blass you!

One more question, Why do you change the visual design of controlls? The other way was more friendly. If you to develop a botton to turn on e turn off the recorder and print screen will be nice. Any way, thanks for all, you are awasome.

Sorry, the “visual design of controls” is very imprecise and can mean anything. What are you talking about exactly?