VR Sketch and Sketchup for Schools


Is it possible to build models in Sketchup for schools (aka Sketchup EDU) and export them to VR Sketch?


You would need a desktop sketchup in order to run VR Sketch. I don’t know what sketchup for schools does, but it does not look like it would allow you to run any plugins, so VR Sketch won’t work.

Maciej Fijalkowski

It dont work with SketchUp free/online. How do I use it with students?

They draw in SketchUp online mode. That’s works on every computer also at home. Iff they want to see there models in VR I use the cool app VRSketch.


They send it to my by mail or we use a Trimble cloud. I have as a teacher on my laptop a SketchUp pro version. In Dutch 60 euro. So I can use and download extension’s like VR Sketch. I open the students model and upload it to vr sketch with her/his name. They got the vr glasses and open vr sketch what is paired to my account.

That’s a easy way how you can use it with SketchUp online/free.

And I love VRSketch.

You don’t even need to buy SketchUp. Look for SketchUp make 2017. They legally have to keep that version free, but they hide the link.
Almost everyone who makes plugins tries to make them compatible with the free version.