VR Sletch feedback

  • It would be amazing if the video recording while in VR (which is amazing now thanks to improved resolution) included the option to record my voice. I use this when I present projects (example further down), walking around in first person instead of through SketchUp, recording the sound while I present would it much easier. (I currently have to add my voice later)
  • Snap to plane while freehand note-sketching happens all the time by accident since last release, I would much prefer to not have this feature, or an option to disable plane/surface snap with freehand (I hardly ever need snap while sketching notes)
  • The section is really useful, unfortunately the section cut “star” symbol is often huge and confusing. (shown in video link - i made the section outside the building to avoid showing it)
    I don’t think th star is needed at all, certainly never this large. I would also prefer if everything that is “cut away” remains properly hidden instead of being semi-transparent like glass.

Thank you once again for this most amazing plugin!

Hi, thanks for continuing to give us good feedback!

  • Recording the audio along with videos was a high-priority feature request. It has been implemented now and will be in the next release!

  • Snap to plane with the freehand tool: there is already an option to change that in release 15.0, in the context menu. It’s not saved: it will revert to “snap to face” after you restart VR Sketch. I guess I can make the option persistent, like with some other tool options which are really preferences more than one-off changes (e.g. “paint faces inside groups” for the paint-bucket tool).

  • Section tool: the huge star symbol was part of an early draft that was never really reviewed. I agree it should be much smaller. I also think it should be hidden unless we have selected the section plane tool, or one of a handful of other tools with which the section plane’s location can also be used (that’s Axes, Eraser, Move, Move-FreeHand, Note and Rotate; I should probably add the FreeHand drawing tool to that list, if you enable “snap to face”). And I also agree about properly hiding the invisible half of the world. The current semi-transparent effect looks like it was explicitly planned, but the truth is the opposite: we get this result accidentally on PC (not on Quest; it’s the ambient occlusion algorithm that produces it). But I agree that beyond the initial “cool” effect it’s probably not desired.

Version 16.0 is now (pre-)released with all these changes in.