Warning "Cut opening" - Oculus Quest 2

Whene i “send to VR in Oculus Quest” I havhe a Warning message that told my that my model have “CUT OPENING”. It’s tue but how can i Fin them and delete them.
Many object from wherehouse are made with this. So it will be lonng to find all of them.

I also trie to find them with the “structure” menu on sketchup.

(Also replied to you directly; this is just a copy of my mail.)

This is only a warning message. It’s a warning that explains that some things may be mis-rendered in VR; namely, any component with the “cut opening” set on it (“Découper l’ouverture” in a French sketchup) is rendered as if it didn’t have that flag. You can ignore it if it doesn’t really visually impact your model.

Maybe we should add a checkbox “Ignore this warning in this model”, so as not to give you the same warning from the same model again and again.

Of course a proper fix would be to support it correctly in VR Sketch. It’s on our to-do list, but low priority so far.