What is the right syntax for interactive objects?

Hi! I made a quick tutorial on dynamic components a long time ago

But what’s the right syntax for getting objects to open with the movement of your grab?

Tried moving out the custom variable but still says it’s to complex.

Okey! Figured it out myself by messing around… BUT.

The big drawback with this is that with this setup it works grate in SketchVR but the normal Sketchup interactivity is now broken.

I would look into trying to implement variables so that we can have the best of both worlds.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it only half-works in the normal Sketchup if you write something like ANIMATE(RotZ,0,-90). You need to write ANIMATE("RotZ",0,-90) with quotes. Then it works when I try to reproduce your example.

Indeed, we could add support for ANIMATE("Dør!RotZ"). At the moment the special case only works if the variable is directly one of X, Y, Z, RotX, RotY or RotZ.

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I can imagine why a nested component might be an issue because you want to onClick the component you moving and not the oiter component. :wink: