Why can't I hear other people in the collaborative edit?

I am using two Oculus Quest headsets to see the 3d models from sketchup. When I go into collaborative mode, I can’t hear the other user in the collaboration meeting. I made sure the mic is enabled, and when I go to audio within the settings of VR Sketch I can hear myself, but when I try to speak to see if the other user can hear me, they can’t. How can I fix?


The first thing to check is if the other user can do the same: if he goes to the audio settings, can he hear himself?

Hi thanks for responding.

Yes, the other user can hear himself.

So both you and the other user can hear themselves, but not each other, even though each of you can see the other’s avatar? That seems like an unusual problem. In principle, the check means that recording and playing audio works for each side, and seeing each other’s avatar means that the network connection works too. But there is still something wrong somewhere in this case, and I don’t know where…

Could you give me more information to try to debug this (by email at arigo@baroquesoftware.com if you prefer it not to be public): I would need the IP address of one side. Then I can start to look in our logs. The IP address is found by starting the terminal (“Command prompt” in Windows), and typing the word ipconfig.