Windows/doors fine in sketchup, but not vr sketchup

Brand new to Forum, and new to sketchup. I am using sketchup to model a home addition and I am using VR sketchup to walk-through. It is an amazing tool combination. One problem I’m having is that while the windows and doors look great in sketchup, in vr sketchup, only some of the windows are fully transparent whereas others seem to not be cutting the back surface (yet in sketchup they are fine). I am using Vali architects Windows and Doors to create the cuts. Like I said, some work and some don’t. I did get the warning about “cut openings” not rendering, but I don’t think that’s the problem from what I’m reading. My only thought is to go back and manually cut openings for all the doors and windows. I’m not sure that will work either however.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again! Other than that, VR sketch is amazing.

Hi Kevin,

My first idea would be indeed that the windows and doors are “cut openings” components. They are sometimes used for windows and doors; such windows and doors are components that you place on a plain wall, and whose presence makes a hole in the wall that wasn’t there before. Are you sure it’s not exactly what is going on in this case? VR Sketch is missing the “make a hole in the wall” part and that’s what the warning is about.

I think you can tell easily in SketchUp if that’s the problem: click on one of the window components and hide it (“Edit” menu). If the hole in the wall disappears too, then that’s it. If it isn’t the problem, then I would be happy to have a look at your SketchUp model; it could really be a different issue.

I hope this helps!

Armin Rigo

Thank you! That was my first inclination but didn’t know how to verify. Now I know and I’m sure you are right. I will check later today. I really liked the windows and doors extension due to the simplicity. Since I’m a noob, adding windows and doors manually is very time consuming and error prone. Are there any tools to simplify adding windows and doors that displays properly? Again, the vr tool is excellent any my architect is anxious to see the design walkthrough in vr. He has never seen it.

I just validated that your assumption is correct. Hide also hides the hole in the wall. Now to figure out a simple work around

I went to the model and cut the hole manually and then replaced the window. VOILA! It works. If there’s an easier method great. If not I can fix thus pretty easily. Thank you!

Great! No, there is no easier method that I know of. At some point VR Sketch should really support that case properly. It’s more complicated than just cutting holes in the rendering; at least, the teleporter beam should go through such holes too, instead of hitting the invisible wall, although the geometry derived from the original face tells it to.

When I manually cut the hole, the visibility issue is corrected. Unfortunately I still can’t teleport thru the hole except in some circumstances. Not sure why it works sometimes but not others. I’ll keep experimenting, however the primary issue for me is corrected. My main goal was to use walkthru tool for lines of sight and for gaining an awareness of the space and clearances. it is excellent. Thank you again. I appreciate your help.

At the moment the teleporting beam should never hit something that is not visible. If you can send me the model, or some stripped down version of it with only the problematic door, I would appreciate it a lot. (

I’ll send you the model so you can see what I’m talking about. Please ignore all the obvious noob mistakes. :slight_smile:
I will get to it tonight. Thanks again for all the the help.

Hi, sorry it took so long, but I am healthy again and can send the model (stupid covid). Here is a simple wall outline with doors I cannot walk thru in vrsketch even though they interact and I can see thru them. I did cut the hole in the wall prior to placing the doors. I will send it via email. Thank you again.

Ah, I see. It’s because the doors are using some complex component animation, and the logic is written in some higher-level component. In VR Sketch we emulate the way SketchUp works with component animations, to some extent, and this is indeed a difference. The blue box you see is the component which has got the animation logic, and in VR Sketch it intercepts the teleport beam as a whole component, whereas in SketchUp I think you really have to click on some actual face.

As a quick workaround, you can use the same trick as the one to teleport through walls: go very close to the door, pass your hand through it, and then teleport from the other side of it.

I’ll see if I can fix it more properly (not guaranteed to occur in the next two days).

Done, seems to work now. I can give you access to the in-development version (soon to become 15.1 anyway). Do you want the PC or the Oculus Quest version?

This is exciting! Yes, I would love to try it. I load the model from the PC to the Oculus Quest so I assume I need the Oculus Quest version. I was looking at it a bit more yesterday myself and indeed, you are correct, there is some transparent component. I think it allows me to click on the component to activate the animation (so you click on the open door opening). Some of the doors (like a regular entry way door) works because the animation is in the door itself (so you have to click on the door for the animation and not the opening. I am anxious to try the update. Thank you again!

Here you are: . Install it as usual (