Is it possible to upload models to the cloud using a mac?

I just tried installing the sketchup extension on 2017 Sketchup Make on a mac and got an error during startup: “Error: #<LoadError: cannot load such file – win32/registry>”.

Is there an alternative way to upload files to the cloud so I can view them on my oculus quest? Why isn’t there a web interface for uploading files?

It’s not possible at the moment. There isn’t a web interface because we rely on the Ruby code in SketchUp to translate the model into a format that is recognized by VR Sketch. We decided against uploading the .skp file, because it would open a can of worms for us: we’d need some way to decode the .skp files on the cloud servers (or on the VR headset directly), and these machines are not running Windows nor Mac but Linux or Android—and there is no native Linux or Android way to do that.

We are focusing now on Mac support for the Oculus Quest. As far as we can tell, we should be ready in the next month or so to support at least upload-to-cloud, as you are asking for. Complete editing in SketchUp should follow soon afterwards.

Hi Justin,

The upload-to-cloud work went faster than expected. The problem now is that I need a Mac to test, which is a bit hard to arrange right now for external circumstances. Would you be up to collaborate? Basically, I’m sending you a version, you try it, report problems (likely in the Ruby console of SketchUp), and we repeat. If you have some time for that (not a problem if you haven’t), we can do it either here or in our Slack channel. Contact me by e-mail at (You’ll get a license for free if you help, and otherwise the same offer is open to anyone else :slight_smile: )

Beta release of upload-to-cloud working on OS X: