Rhino viewer (pre-alpha)

Hi all,

We are investigating if some kind of Rhino support would be doable. We made an alpha view-only version of VR Sketch for Rhino. Would somebody be interested in testing it? Most importantly, we’d be interested in getting some biggish native Rhino models in order to test and debug it. If you are interested to help, please contact us at info@baroquesoftware.com . (We will of course treat any model you’d share with us confidentially.)


Armin Rigo

The early beta version for Rhino 7 (for PC VR only) is now available via Rhino’s package manager!

You need to start Rhino 7, go to Tools -> Package Manager, and search for VRSketchRhino.

It contains only viewing, no editing; even edits done in Rhino are not automatically sent over to VR right now.

The plugin was updated to work with standalone Quests (and Pico Neo 3 when we finish VR Sketch 19 for that platform). See the release announcement.

Hi! Absolutely loving this plugin, thanks so much. It works flawlessly for me so far. I’m running into an issue, where every time I want to turn off the plugin and just use rhino… I take off the goggles, I close the VRSketch window by clicking the x at the top corner, Rhino notes that it was cleanly disconnected… and then rhino crashes about 20 seconds later, happens every time in rhino 7 and 8. Any suggestions? Maybe a better way to close it out?
Thanks again, excellent work