Video camera issue on fixed position setting

Hello, I’m using a development version of VR Sketch that was posted in this forum topic: Problem loading point clouds

When I record video inside VR Sketch on the fixed position setting, the video looks like this:

It seems like the lens from the 3d model of the floating camera is getting picked up in the video recording. It stays there the whole video. Have I messed up somehow?



No, you’re not doing anything wrong. It looks quite likely to be the camera object seen from the inside—in computer games, 3D models are typically one-sided, so that if you look at a face from the wrong side it is completely invisible. Here the ring is the only part of the front of the camera that is visible from the recording position, which is inside the camera. In all likelihood it’s an oversight (or maybe a regression; I think in the past the ring would not be rendered because it was too close to the recording position, so maybe what changed is the minimum distance from the recording position before we record). I will fix it!

Armin Rigo

The fix is done, sorry for the delay. If you want, you can try it out with the in-development version:

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