VR Sketch 11.1


VR Sketch 11.1 has been released as a small update over VR Sketch 11.0. For Mac users, it should fix an issue with the tutorial dialog box when you start. It also fixes a number of other small things there. Please do upgrade and try again if you had issues on Mac with previous versions.

VR Sketch 11.1 also adds minimal support for hand tracking in Quest. In this version, there are four gestures:

  • to teleport, use the “pinch” gesture; it is the standard one used on the Quest main interface. (Note that you can’t interact with animations with your hands so far.)

  • in the initial “Cloud” dialog box, pick choices by pointing and touching the surface of the dialog box.

  • to later bring the “Cloud” dialog back, look at your palm, fingers extended.

  • as usual with other Quest applications, if you look at your palm and then bring your fingers together and wait a few seconds, it should exit the application.

Besides teleporting, there is no support for any of the tools. Hand tracking is cool but unreliable so far, so it would not be usable for any sort of serious work. Think about the precision required, a lot of switching tools, invoking context menus, all the while moving the models around with the grip button—and compare that with the difficulties you likely already have with the basic gestures described above. That’s why hand tracking is limited to teleporting around a model.


Cool, I was going to ask if this was possible, but didn’t because I thought it would be out if “hand”