VR Sketch 13.0

VR Sketch 13.0 has been released.

What’s new:

  • smooth edges: edges that are smooth in SketchUp are now rendered smooth in VR Sketch too (this is mostly visible for parts with a uniform color or carefully-placed texture, which now appear rounded instead of with facets). You can also set the “smooth edge” option in VR Sketch in the context menu of some tools.

  • dynamic component animation: should now support the full range of animated components. When you point and click on any animated component, its animation should play out (as long as it is only about moving and rotating parts—resizing or changing the material still doesn’t work). It has been tested with a number of examples from the 3D warehouse. Note that you cannot edit complex animations; nor can you “drag” the parts manually with the controller. You can only “click” on them from far away, with the Teleport or the Animation tools. “Simple” animations, i.e. ones that worked before, can still be dragged (as well as clicked).
    Note that we implemented the logic by observing how the rules appear to work in detail in SketchUp, and redoing them in VR Sketch. There is quite a pile of undocumented rules. Please report if you see a component which is animated in SketchUp and whose animation doesn’t do the same thing in VR Sketch; it probably means we missed yet another detail.

  • freehand move tool: when moving a single group, it can optionally fall to the ground or onto the object below after you moved it, instead of remaining fixed in the air. You can even throw the group; its trajectory is simulated until it lands.

  • cloud models retain the layers information: you can enable or disable layers when viewing them (requires VRSketch version 13 for both uploading and viewing the models)

  • a number of minor issues were fixed.


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