VR Sketch 13.1

VR Sketch 13.1 has been released. It contains minor changes over 13.0. Be sure to check also what’s new in 13.0.

What’s new in 13.1:

  • Tweaks in the SketchUp toolbar for VR Sketch: BeretGuy24 BeretGuyQ24 CopyVRloc24 Config24

    The third button was repurposed. It now works like the “VR Sketch Tool” button. When this tool is selected SketchUp draws the location from VR and the VR-taken Notes. As usual you can pick another tool and come back by clicking on this button. The first two buttons, on the other hand, now mean precisely “send now this model to VR and once it is done then pick the VR Sketch Tool”. There is not a lot of difference from before, but this now allows you to enter the “VR Sketch Tool” without launching VR at all, which is useful if you just want to view the Notes (possibly on a different machine which doesn’t have VR at all).

  • Move Freehand tool with gravity: now works also if you’re moving a very complex group. In that case the group is represented by its bounding box while it is moving and falling.

  • dynamic component animation: fixed some issues with quotes in formulas. For example, the formula ="hello"world" evaluates to the string hello"world, which I will freely confess is quite unexpected from a programmer’s point of view. Well, here we go.