VR Sketch 7.0

Here’s a beta of the next release 7.0, due next week if everything is OK.

  • Too many people missed that there are more icons if you hover over “teleport”. These icons have now been moved elsewhere.

  • The “interact” tool (for dynamic component animations) has been split off “teleport”. It’s clearer if the two functionalities are kept separate. Moreover, you can now set up and edit animations directly in VR (in the context menu, click the “menu” button).

  • The new Oculus Rift S comes with different controllers. We applied a fix that might help with them (untested, though).

  • The configuration dialog box has got more things in the “options” tab: (1) configure the toolbox to show up at a fixed position if you don’t like it moving with your controllers; (2) disable light reflections and shadow effects to get a 1.5x to 2x speedup, which is useful if your model was just a bit too big to comfortably edit in VR Sketch.

  • As usual, there are a number of smaller fixes too.

Try it out, and please report here if you run into troubles!

Armin Rigo


Version 7.0.0 has now been released. In addition to the points listed above, we also fixed an issue where sometimes you couldn’t save your file in SketchUp as long as VR Sketch was opened (with a message about “CFileException 0”).

Well done @arigo, thanks for your efforts to improve this tool.

How can I do the update? Need I unistall and install the new version?

It should be enough to install the new version without uninstalling the old one first. Window menu, “Extension Warehouse”, search for VR Sketch, click “Download” or “Install”. Then you need to close and restart SketchUp, otherwise the old version is still loaded in memory.